SN 700

The band saws , the flagship product of our company, are among the types of machinery that allow you to cut any kind of wood with various kinds of cuts: curved, longitudinal and transverse cuts – obtaining excellent cuts, regardless of the size of the machine used.

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Technical Data

  • Motor power HP (KW) 4 (3)
  • Cast iron fly-wheels Ø mm 700
  • Fly-wheel’s width mm 40
  • Cutting width mm 670
  • Max cutting height mm 430
  • Blade width mm 10 ÷ 40
  • Blade’s speed m/sec 18
  • Overall dimensions of the cast iron table mm 700 X 930
  • Net weight kg 420



  • 3-phase motor
  • Tilting cast iron table 0° ÷ 45°
  • Saw blade
  • Adjusting top saw blade guide
  • Top saw blade guide with rack movement
  • Tilting cast iron table 0°÷ 20°
  • Rack movement
  • Maintenance manual + spanners

  • Electric system according to norms
  • Self-braking motor
  • Safety protections according to norms

Options on Demand

  • 3-phase motor HP 5,5
  • Extra saw blade
  • Adjustable bottom saw blade guide
  • Mitre quadrant
  • Wheels for manual displacement of the machine with a shaft
  • Compass
  • Curve catch
  • Sanding fence
  • Squaring fence (fixed on two bars for all its length)
  • Overload protection (for no CE version only)
  • Overload protection + micro switch on doors + mechanical foot brake with micro switch (for no CE version only)
  • Mechanical foot brake (for no CE version only)
  • Rack movement for top saw blade guide – the same one mounted on mod. SN 800 (cutting height 390 instead of 420 mm)
  • Index for tensioning of the blade (for no CE version machines)


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