CU 80

The point mortising machines are used to perform various jobs: for example, the slots that must house the joints of the frame crosspieces (tenons). This type of equipment is particularly effective when concealed hinges have to be built in or housings for locks have to be built. Socomec mortising machines are suitable for any type of carpentry but are ideal for small and large companies involved in woodworking. All machines are built in Italy and comply with EC regulations and the required parameters on the emission of noise and dust.

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Technical Data

  • Motor power HP (KW) 3 (2,2)
  • Length of the table mm 580
  • Width of table mm 300
  • Max slot length mm 250
  • Max slot depth mm 160
  • Vertical stroke mm 200
  • Wescott mortising chuck Ø mm 0 ÷ 20
  • Rotation speed of the chuck r.p.m. 3000
  • Net weight kg 230



  • Chuck safety guard
  • Suction hood Ø 70 mm
  • Maintenance manual

  • Electric installation according to norms
  • Electronic self-braking installation
  • Chuck safety guard according to norms

Options on Demand

  • Pneumatic presser
  • 2nd eccentric presser
  • 2-speeds motor
  • 1-phase motor HP 3
  • Wheels for manual displacement of the machine with shaft
  • Overload protection (for no CE version only)
  • Tilting chuck support unit – 45° 0° + 45°
  • 4-pitches drum
  • Mitre fence on the working table
  • Mechanical gauge for rise/fall


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