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Slot Mortising Machines

Slot Mortising Machines are part of our range of woodworking machinery
These can be used to perform various tasks: for example, slots/mortises that house the joints of frame crosspieces (tenons). This machinery is particularly suitable for boring out hinge cups or lock housings.


Slot Mortising Machines can be used in any type of carpentry, making it a must for small and large companies engaged in woodworking. These machines are built in Italy with Italian components and comply with EC regulations and standards regarding noise and dust emissions.


These machines are produced in 2 versions: economic and standard.

Steel frames and cast iron work tables provide strength and stability.

Mortiser unit runs horizontally, vertically and longitudinally. All mortisers are customizable.

They can be produced with a tilting head: this option offers improvements in WOOD processing times because the need to physically move during processing is eliminated. The mortiser unit is available without a base so that it can be incorporated into other machinery.

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The safety devices of our Slot Mortising Machines for woodworking comply with all EC standards and our machines have been tested and are certified to comply with all regulations regarding noise and dust emissions.


Standard maintenance of our Slot Mortising Machines does not require special procedures besides, depending on use, weekly or daily cleaning to remove dust, sawdust or wood chips. This can be generally done using a vacuum cleaner/aspirator.

For the proper operation of the machine, after cleaning, it is advisable to lubricate all moving parts. All Slot Mortising Machines are designed to work with a suction unit that we can supply. If unplanned maintenance must be performed on the machine, it is advisable to contact our technical service. We provide our customers with complete spare part and repair services.


Woodworking Slot Mortising Machines as well as all Socomec products, are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and maintenance. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and covers the replacement of defective parts during the guarantee period, excluding motors and electrical parts.


Delivery of Slot mortising machines is performed within one work month.