PS 800

The professional thickness planer for profiling or shaping is our most technologically innovative product, we also produce standard thickness planes and combined edge-thickness planes.

Technical Data

  • Motor power Kw (Hp) 11 (15)
  • 4-knives surface shaft Ø mm 120
  • Rotation speed of surfacing shaft r.p.m. 5900
  • Suction hood Ø mm 180
  • Overall dimensions of cast iron table mm 900×800
  • Working height min / max mm 5 / 300
  • 2-infeeding speeds m/1’ Variable from 4 up to 20
  • Net weight kg 880



  •   Manual delta/star switch
  •   Overload protection and emergency switch
  •   Electric rise/fall of the table
  •   Mechanical height gauge
  •   Magnetic adjusting knives device
  •   In-feeding roller in front of the thickness table
  •   Digital electronic index of thickness measurement (PS 800)
  •   Thickness table with motorised roll (PS 800)
  •   Suctioning hood
  •   Maintenance manual and spanners

  •   Self-braking motor
  •   Low tension electric installation
  •   Automatic delta-star switch
  •   Dust suction hood with

Options on Demand

  • Rubber covering for 2 top out-feeding rollers (PS 800)
  • Automatic adjustment of the thickness measurement (PS 800


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