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Thickness Planing Machines

Socomec: professional thickness planer machine for wood
This moulding and shaping thickness planer machine is our most technologically innovative product. We produce standard thickness planers and combined surface-thickness planers too.


Thickness planers are used for removing the timber’s surface residue caused by the cutting process, making the WOOD’s surface smooth. These machines can perform different tasks depending on their features.


Our Planers machines can be used in any activity that relates to joinery and woodworking. They are built in Italy with Italian components and comply with EC regulations and standards regarding noise and dust emissions. Specialized planers can be used to smooth and/or shape wood surfaces.


THE STANDARD THICKNESS PLANER comes in two versions, with a 10 cm size difference between the two products. Both have a 4-knife, 120 mm diameter shaft. Also available with a more technically advanced Tersa shaft, which speeds up processing times and simplifies knife exchange. The machine’s structure is heavy and stable, given that it features a base made with 1 cm thick sheet metal. All the thickness planers have a 4-speed timber feeding system.

OUR MOULDING OR SHAPING PLANER MACHINE represents an evolution to the standard thickness planer. What makes it so innovative is that the WOOD is planed and shaped in one single operation, reducing its processing time. It possesses a 120 mm diameter planer shaft that features 2 tersa knives and 2 housings for shaped knives. Together with the customer, we can further optimize processing by personalizing the profiling plane with a shaped knives kit.

THE COMBINED SURFACE-THICKNESS PLANER MACHINE has right name because it performs two operations: “surface” refers to when the planning is done on the upper surface and on one end of the lower side of the TIMBER; “Thickness” refers to when the processing is performed on the lower surface and on one end of the upper side of the wood. All tables are made of cast iron and together with a heavy sheet metal structure, guarantee robustness and precision. The surface-thickness planer features a 4 knife 110 mm diameter shaft; also, a more advanced Tersa shaft is available upon request. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a mortiser unit for drilling and boring (both reducing need for additional space to put another machine as well as lowering your overall costs).

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The machines comply with EC standards. We recommend the use of safety goggles for added safety.


Standard maintenance for wood-working thickness planer machines does not require special procedures besides, depending on use, weekly or daily cleaning to remove dust, sawdust or wood chips. This can be generally done using an aspirator/vacuum cleaner.
For the proper operation of the machine, after cleaning, it is advisable to lubricate all moving parts. All planers are designed to work with suction unit that we can supply. If unplanned maintenance must be performed on the machine, it is advisable to contact our technical service. We provide our customers with complete spare part and repair services.


Thickness planer machine for wood, as well as all Socomec products, are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and maintenance conditions. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and covers the replacement of defective parts during the guarantee period, excluding motors and electrical parts.


Delivery of Thickness planer machine is performed within one work month.