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Long Belt Sanding Machines

Socomec production and sale woodworking long belt sanding machine for wood
Long belt sanding machine, along with band saws, are the flagship products of our corporate brand. They are used for sanding the surfaces of wood or other materials quickly.

They come in 2 versions: short or long belt.

Our long belt sander has gained wide acceptance in the market thanks to its quality and affordable price.


This item’s effectiveness is excellent on various types of materials, including non-wood materials. Can be used on:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Light metals


Socomec woodworking belt sanding machine can be used in any carpentry related activity, given that they come in a variety of sizes suitable for both professionals and hobbyists. They are built in Italy with Italian components and comply with EC regulations and standards regarding noise and dust emissions.


Long belt sanding machine are produced with both manual and electric work table lifting mechanisms, suction unit, reverse gear and 2 speed motors (the market usually only offers single speed models). An inverter may also be used to vary the belt’s speed if the material being processed required it.

The machine structure is made of iron and steel with cast iron guides. The strength of the component materials allows for high volume and high strain processing. Equipped with a wide sliding work table, this machine is suitable for sanding large surfaces. The available surface lengths vary in a range between 1600 mm and 3000 mm. All our sanders have undergone testing and pass EC noise and dust generation standards.

SOCOMEC sanders come equipped with a sanding belt.

Edge Sanding Machines With Oscillating Belt


For proper use and additional safety goggles and masks should be worn; especially when using small sanders outside of professionally equipped working environments.


Standard maintenance for the woodworking long belt sanders does not require special procedures besides, depending on use, weekly or daily cleaning to remove dust, sawdust or wood chips. This can be generally done using a vacuum cleaner/aspirator. For the proper operation of the machine, after cleaning, it is advisable to lubricate all moving parts.

All long belt sanding machine are designed to work with a suction unit that we can supply. If unplanned maintenance must be performed on the machine, it is advisable to contact our technical service. We provide our customers with complete spare part and repair services


Woodworking long belt sanding machine, as well as all Socomec products, are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and maintenance. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and covers the replacement of defective parts during the guarantee period, excluding motors and electrical parts.


Delivery of Long Belt Sanding Machine is performed within one work month.