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Circular Panel Saws

Socomec production and sale of professional circular panel saws for wood
Our Squaring Circular Saws are essential woodworking machines for making high-precision long and straight cuts of all types of timbers. What makes these circular panel saws special is the possibility of squaring panels of any size.


Use for purposes other than wood cutting can be achieved after performing small technical adjustments. A variety of materials may be sawed. The blades rotate at 3 speeds, based on their size and the material being worked on. Panels are squared using aluminium guides.

Can be used on:

  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Aluminium coated polyurethane panels


Our Squaring Circular Saws can be used in any woodworking field, but given their special characteristics are most suited for professional carpentry. They are built in Italy with Italian components and comply with EC regulations and standards regarding noise and dust emissions.


SOCOMEC produces various woodworking circular panel saw models. The machine’s frame is made of iron and working tables and saw units are cast iron thus providing stability and guaranteeing structural consistency.

The carriage is made of anodized aluminium thus providing aesthetic value on top of the technical pluses. Carriage size varies according to the machine model, with a range from 1.600 mm to 3.800 mm.

Inclination and rise of the blade can be either automatic or manual. Circular Panel saws come with a guide that is parallel to the saw blade for parallel cutting. Extension bars for supporting the timber can be found laterally and posteriorly.

Our latest technological innovation allows for mounting a Ø 550 mm saw blade with 200 mm useful cut. A programmable PLC for blade and guide control for parallel cutting is available upon request.


Depending on the request, carriages of varying widths can be produced. Blades are not supplied, but can be requested. We can provide blades for every saw. Wood thrusting guides are included.